Respite Care

Respite care is available in both Cochise and Pima Counties.

Many of our Direct Service Professionals (DSP) are bilingual.

Respite is short-term care and supervision is consistent with the health needs of the person. For families and caregivers that are experiencing stress, exhaustion or burnout, respite care for your family member has many benefits, such as:


  • The opportunity to relax, which promotes things like good health and good sleep, Having an opportunity to relax can also prevent depression.
  • Time to promote your physical well being by going to your personal doctor, dentist and other medical appointments.
  • Prevent stress-induced bad habits and creates the time and opportunity to develop healthier habits like exercising and starting a new hobby.
  • Maintain social engagement by visiting with friends, going shopping or joining a club.
  • Reduce friction between the caregiver and the family member by allowing time to be away and allowing frustrations and stressors to melt away.

 EHR’s Direct Support Professionals are ready
to help you with your respite care needs.

We ensure your loved ones safety and well-being. Service can be provided in the home, the community, at Echoing Hope Ranch, or in the home of the DSP (Direct Support Professional).

Respite care is for a limited number of hours. For some it may be as few as two hours per week. For others it may be much more.

Are you ready for some much-deserved respite care?