Echoing Hope Wishlist

Echoing Hope RanchPlease consider donating to our wishlist – we are always in need of items to support our residents and program participants.

Contribute to Our Wishlist

Gardening Supplies – Rototiller, Tractor, Gardening Gloves, 10’ x 20’ storage shed, Locking file cabinet, Shovels, Rakes, Hoes

Pottery Supplies – Clay, Hollow Die Set, Pottery tool kits, North Star Adjustable Heavy Duty Roller, Slab Brent Clay Extruder Texture mats, rollers, stamps, Rolling pins, Brushes, Glaze

Art Supplies – Paper, Paint & Paint Brushes, Storage Shelves

Animals – Animal Feed, Hay, Straw

Cooking Supplies – Plates & Bowls, Cups & Plastic Glasses, Paring Knives, Silverware (especially spoons), Adaptive Knives like Rocking T or Vertical Grip, Large Canning Jars & Lids

Activities – Archery Supplies (bows, arrows, targets), Heavy Duty Volleyball Net and Stand, 3 – 30-gallon Garbage Cans for Recycling, Legos and Legos Sets

Office – Locking file cabinets • 1-inch 3-ring binders, 8-tab dividers for 3-ring binders

To donate these or other items on our wishlist, please email us at [email protected].