Scott Pralinsky, Executive Director
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Scott grew up in Athol, MA, and joined the US Air Force after high school where he spent 11 of his 13 enlisted years in the Chaplain Service.

In the late 80’s, Scott was chosen by Bostons’ Mayor and the Catholic Archbishop to lead an outreach program for gang members and drug dealers. Scott also participated in a mentoring program at Rikers Island Penitentiary, providing mentoring support for young inmates.

In 2004, Scott moved to Costa Rica, where he founded Casa Milagro Foundation. The organization brought over 3,000 volunteers to provide international aid to underserved communities and indigenous people. In 2015, Casa Milagro began focusing on serving homeless children who were being sex trafficked. 

Scott holds a Bachelor of Arts in Spiritual and Social Psychology from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, and completed his graduate work in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica.

Amanda Paddock, Chief Operating Officer
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As a military spouse, Amanda left Sierra Vista after high school and lived in many regions of the US and Europe. This gave her an appreciation for how others live.

Amanda earned her Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Alaska Fairbanks in Wildlife Biology and gained experience in research and conservation. Her travels were vast, varied and encompassed many of her interests. In Germany, Amanda was employed as a para-educator working with developmentally disabled high school students and fell in love with working one-on-one with those individuals, watching them grow and thrive. Amanda then worked for a city zoo in New York State. That experience helped grow an appreciation of how education inspires preservation of wildlife and the environment. Amanda gained management experience as a Manager at a large Specialty Vet Hospital in Washington State, making the connection between quality service and customer satisfaction. Amanda is excited to combine her passions and skills at Echoing Hope Ranch and looks forward to contributing to its growth and success.

Charles Bertram, Program Manager
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After graduating high school, Charles worked various farming and ranching jobs in Eastern New Mexico and West Texas before joining the Army. After 10 years of military service, Charles moved on to pursue a college education.

While in college, Charles quickly developed an interest in the education field, and focused on teaching children with disabilities. His career continually gravitated to the high needs, life skills classrooms, and behavior programs. Charles worked in several administrative positions as well as becoming a presenter for Trauma Sensitive Schools conferences. Charles holds a bachelors and masters degree in special education from Eastern New Mexico University. He also holds a masters degree in education administration from University of Phoenix. Charles has 33 hours toward a degree in clinical mental health counseling. After a 20-year career in education, Charles sought to pursue his passion to help others beyond the public education system. Charles is excited to use his knowledge and experience to become an integral part of the programs within Echoing Hope Ranch.

Bobby Wiseman, Jr. Program Coordinator
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Bobby Wiseman is a native of San Francisco, California.  He attended St. Ignatius College Prep, University of California – Berkeley (Professional Development Program), University of California – Davis (Applied Behavioral Sciences and the traditional-untraditional school of life.  He is a wonderful combination of his family of birth, family of choosing, travels to various places around both the US and the world. 

Bobby has had the true pleasure of working in collaboration with those who have been termed challenging, non-compliant, traditional, and non-traditional.  In his 49 years of life, he has had the priceless gift of having both comfortable and uncomfortable conversations; being a parent, son, uncle, true friend and advocate.  He has effectively and successfully lived with a few chronic, manageable health conditions.  He has navigated systems, structures, ideology, emotions, and feelings with a sense of seeing “what can be.”

Bobby is passionate about creating meals from farmer’s market finds, thrift store re-crafting, and hours with I Love Lucy, Golden Girls and Boomerang.  Bobby has been called a social justice advocate, a catalyst for change as well as a person that seeks to gain/increase knowledge by ACTUALLY hearing from those with different viewpoints and landscapes and having REAL understanding, clarity, and communication.  For those who need more understanding, clarity pertaining to Bobby here are a few components:

  • A direct outcome of his parents, grandparents, siblings, friends, and communities of faith, relationship and connection
  • Ordained Deacon – United Church of Christ – Bishop Yvette Flunder, Presiding Prelate – The Fellowship of Affirming Ministries/Founding Pastor/Senior Pastor – City of Refugee, UCC (Oakland, CA)
  • Mt. Calvary Missionary Baptist Church, Tucson, AZ (Member & Health Ministry – Member)

Talon Duncan, Ranch Manager [email protected]

Talon Duncan was born in Phoenix but grew up in Hereford. He began working at Echoing Hope Ranch after high school.

When he started working at Echoing Hope Ranch he was a ranch hand for the original Ranch Manager, Craig Duncan. Talon comes from a long line of farmers so he was born with a “green thumb” and a love for animals. His older sister has developmental disabilities so working in a garden with adults with autism is very fitting for him. Talon appreciates the importance of EHR’s participants having unique opportunities found in the ranch setting. He finds his work very rewarding and takes great pride in serving his hometown community.

Pi Polletta, Development & Marketing Manager
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After moving from Ohio to Tucson, Pi worked as a Marketing Manager for a national manufacturing company. Pi enjoyed the challenge of reaching across the country to different market segments and learning how best to engage them.

Feeling abundantly grateful one day, she decided to take her experience and use it to help others. Pi has worked with refugees, individuals with motor skill disorders, learning challenges, mental health issues and veterans. She believes all have amazing stories and finds their appreciation of a nonprofit’s support humbling. To Pi, the best part of working for nonprofits is in helping them succeed. Being awarded a grant, engaging donors or interviewing a client so others understand how the mission served them is personally rewarding. Pi believes it’s always about serving those in our community that are in need.

Additional Contacts

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