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About Echoing Hope

Echoing Hope RanchOur Mission

Echoing Hope Ranch’s (EHR’s) mission is growth, discovery and lifelong learning in safe and respectful homes and communities for adults and teens with autism and other developmental disabilities. The guiding philosophy of Echoing Hope is to acknowledge each person as a dynamic human being and to help these people build as full and satisfying life as possible. Each individual with autism has a unique set of skills and strengths. Identifying these strengths, developing them and putting them to good use creates a greater quality of life for these individuals — whether that is the pride and comfort of taking care of and living in a comfortable home, participating in a social environment, or contributing through volunteering or working in their community.

Extreme Need for Adults with Autism

It is estimated that by the year 2023 there will  be 380,000 adults with autism in need of extensive services. Families of people with autism face an uncertain future, not knowing if they will be able to provide a satisfying life for their loved ones. Echoing Hope Ranch is helping to make a difference.

What Makes Us Different?

Echoing Hope Rance first came together in 2009, formed from the experiences and concern of families, striving to ensure happy, productive lives for their now adolescent and adult loved ones.

Our guiding philosophy is that all people continue to change and grow throughout their lives so their programs must be flexible as well. We are determined to create an organization based on respect for the individuality of each person served.

Providing Hope

In addition to providing quality services, we also believe in reaching out to others who would like to replicate our ideas, providing advice and mentoring. In this way we provide hope that together we will be able to change the lives of countless numbers of people affected by autism.

Help Us Make a Difference

Echoing Hope Ranch is a place where teens and adults with autism can be productive in a peaceful, supportive environment in Southern Arizona. We hope you will help give individuals with autism a better quality of life in our community.